Lectures at Master in Building and Digital Home, E.U.P. Cuenca (UCLM)

Practical implementation of the process of insertion of the technology in the urban conceptualization

In the II and III Edition of the Master in Building and Digital Home (MEHD) held in the months of April in the E. U. Polytechnic of Cuenca (UCLM), we have had the opportunity to speak about the insertion of technology in the urban environment and the radical changes that it produces in the grid of the cities. The current society is immersed in a process of change that is caused by the application of new technologies linked to information and communication technology (ICT). The most direct consequence of this change is the possibility of access from the entire society to vast amounts of information.

However, the technological progress requires not only of knowledge but of the assimilation of these technologies by all citizens so that they include them into their daily lives. Only then will it be possible to speak of a new society, a society of information and knowledge.

Co-authorship: Diego Soroa

Sunday April 19th, 2009