Kaleidoscopic flowers

Gadgets configured through the repetition of a series of modules, that approach us to the artesanal work and the collective effort.

These objects arise as a result of a competition that proposed the ellaboration of a series of decorative elements based in the floral world. Such objects had to present three fundamental qualities: be easy to manufacture in serie, handmade, have an adjusted budget and be beautiful themselves. Finally we decide to create a system of modules based in folding and bending. The modules arise of pieces of paper of equal dimensions and whose only variation is the number of folds, so that they start generating kaleidoscopic flowers with a radial geometry and exponential variation possibilities. It creates an infinite system of unscalar forms, with an abstract carácter.

Special thanks to Patricia Arroyo, María Hermoso, Ana Miret, Ana Fernández, Gorka López and Ana de Vicente