Open Fort 400 Competition, Amsterdam

The emergent Light house

The Open Fort 400 Competition is located in Amsterdam, in an environment where growth conditions are very specific. We intend to create a space with its own identity that becomes an iconical reference in the area: a modern light house. The project tackles two fundamental challenges: on one hand, to stimulate the cultural and economical activities in the area by creating spaces of developing of these activities and on the other hand, to create an iconic and referential waterfront with quality houses, recreative and cultural, areas and strategic working spaces. The project is conceived as an evolution from the complete occupation of the site to a progressive dis-occupation based on a more logical use of the space, the proposed urban planning and the main directions existing on the area (traffic, visual relations, people’s flows, etc.) to obtain four dynamic towers that emerge from the basement and whose skin has reminiscences of the industrial past of the region.