Plan E-squeje. Noche en Blanco 2010

A night to create a garden with the help of everyone and a few hours for spreading it all around the city.

The “E-squeje Plan” is our proposal for the White Night ‘ 2010 in the “Plaza de la Luna”, Madrid. It is a proposal for the recovery of urban spaces from the concept of the ludic and recreational use, recycling and appealing to the collective spirit, with a high dose of humor and irony. On the basis of the “hiperpaved” Plan -E, we proposed the plan E-squeje as opposite. It aims to reforest the “Plaza de la Luna”, through the collaboration and involvement of the audience and neighborhood to the NEB, which may participate in the creation of a garden colorful, spontaneous and diverse composed of thousands of cuttings from different sources. The action will be coordinated with the action “El Jardín de la Buena Dicha”, from Santiago Morilla.