Colection “Dibujo, Proyecto y Arquitectura” (CDPA). ETSAM

Around innovative teaching strategies on architectural drawing

In 2010, together with Javier Raposo and Miguel Paredes we started a collection of books related with the teaching strategies developed at ETSAM, in the subjects “Drawing, Analysis and Ideation 1 and 2”. These books give us the opportunity to show the work of our students and their fantastic evolution along the year thanks to their talent and a very specific method developed along the years that we try to improve and update constantly, especially with the incorporation of Mariasun Salgado in 2013 . The Collection has already 8 numbers and we hope it continues growing in the next years. In case you are interested, it can be found at the Library of ETSAM and in Mairea Books.

Saturday October 10th, 2015