Article on “un built” architecture. ZARCH Magazine nº6

The architecture of the immaterial in Rem Koolhaas

The number 6 of ZARCH Magazine turns around the concept of “Un built Ideas” and how immaterialized projects might have a stronger influence in architecture’s history than some built buildings. Our article “The architecture of the immaterial in Rem Koolhaas” talks about one of the most influent architects of this century, whose contribution to the history of architecture has as strong points his theoretical proposals and  his un-winning competitions, that have proved to be decisive and influential on the existing architectural “status quo”.

Koolhaas is a multi-faceted character, whose image in the mirror returns multiple reflections: The celebrity-Rem, the intellectual, the “conceptualizer”, the constructor, the analyst, the journalist, the film director, the strategist, the icon…In this case, we will focus on your most important facet from our perspective: The communicator-Rem.

One of his most interesting findings was the need to create a “alter ego” of OMA/AMO, which would enable him to carry out purely speculative research and experiments, whose objective was not determined a priori or focused on the necessary materialization of the project. We will analyze how it is through AMO that Koolhaas has been able to make visible his purest essence.

Co-authors: B. Butragueño, J. Raposo and M. Salgado.

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Wednesday December 9th, 2015