Teaching activity Booklet, ETSAM 2007-2016

Teaching activity developed from the Department of Architectural Graphic Ideation, School of Architecture of Madrid, UPM

Since 2004 I’ve been working as Lecturer at different Universities in Spain. From the very beginning my teaching has been related with architectural drawing, at the different stages of the learning project, from the basis of the Studio till the final projects. Focusing on a creative learning, I’ve been developing a system that starts from the plastic world and mixes up with the digital world. In my academic propositions, I always encourage my students to practice this kind of fusion between representation and concept, between graphics and diagram, in their drawings. From my perspective, nowadays  the drawing is a THINKING AND DYNAMIC TRANSFORMATION TOOL.

This booklet pretends to summarize the academic activity developed mainly at the ETS of Architecture of Madrid in collaboration with other lecturers and professors such as: Javier Fco. Raposo, Mariasun Salgado, Miguel Paredes, Margarita Luxán, Maria Jesus Muñoz, Javier Pioz, Pilar Noguerol and Manuel Berlanga. The drawings, collages and photographs have been developed mainly by students of the first course, in workshops belonging to the Department of Architectural Graphical Ideation, ETSAM. UPM.

Thursday June 9th, 2016