Space Group Seminar at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Communication skills for researchers

The past 8 th of June I had a chance to participate in a Seminar on “Communication Skills for Researchers”, invited by Ana Miret, Doctoral Researcher at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Space Group is an informal PhD discussion group within the School of Energy Geoscience Infrastructure and Society. The group aims to share knowledge, links, news, conferences or ideas on planning, urban space or housing in relation with social, political, economic, cultural and health & well-being issues.

I was invited to analyze the importance of acquiring communicative skills as researchers. In an increasingly competitive and global market, researchers need to communicate their work effectively to an international audience. It is important to consider that any communicative act influence both speaker and receiver to the same extent. We need to catch the attention of the audience by creating a performative experience in which many agents are of vital importance: from the speaker attitude, to the graphic strategies of a presentation. A successful communication of a research might imply a significant progress in it. 

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Monday September 26th, 2016