Article at “Arte, Individuo y Sociedad” Magazine, vol. 29, nº3

Graphical rhetoric. The drawing of the architect as a critical communication tool

The prestigious Magazine “Art, Individual and Society” is edited by the Complutense University of Madrid and publishes articles and research papers on the visual arts and its relations with the social, historical, political and cultural context from different scientific fields, especially the artistic creation and education. Our article describes the use of the drawing as a tool of architectural criticism. Between the sixties and eighties of the last century, concurring with the gradual abandonment of the International Style and the adoption of the ideas of postmodernism in architecture, the architects’ drawing experienced a period of unprecedented creative explosion. All the expressive power of the drawing, was supporting not only the representation of the architecture, but also the critic. The expressiveness and quality of these drawings often contrasted with the uniformity of many of the constructions heirs of the International style.

With the perspective of time, the analysis and the revision of some of these proposals will serve the architectural community, not only to build a map of the architectural critic drawing of this period, but also to lay the foundations of the new strategies of communication in architecture that are yet to come.

Co-authors: M. Salgado, J. Raposo and B. Butragueño.

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Friday June 23rd, 2017