25 CUIEET, International Congress on Innovation on Technical Education

The cultivation of talent in university education

CUIEET is a forum designed to exchange innovative experiences in the field of technical teachings and encourage exchange and collaborative work among the participants. In our case, we took the chance to make a reflection on the promotion and detection of talent at the university level. The talent is the ability of superior performance in a specific area. Generally, it is much more related with the attitude towards work than with a supposed innate aptitude. The talent must be cultivated. The educational duty in the management of the talent is fundamental in order to feed and develop their skills, their creativity and their dedication. It requires a specific knowledge of the interests and abilities of each student and the use of motivational strategies in the face of the segregated ones. Along the text we develop our teaching methodology to promote the motivation, the talent and the enthusiams.

Co-authors: J. Raposo, M. Salgado and B. Butragueño.

Congress website: https://25cuieet.es/

Link to publication: http://oa.upm.es/48517/

Friday November 24th, 2017