I International Congress Redfundamentos

Communication in research

The I Congress Redfundamentos aims to deepen the different research methodologies in architecture. The premise is that each research in this field moves on a special territory of uncertainties and doubts. It also reflects on the importance of “intuition” throughout the process. The organizers proposed not to deepen in the contents of our research but in the methodologies followed for its development. In our case, the research focuses on the communicative dimension of architecture. From that perspective, our contribution to the Congress seeks to emphasize precisely the communication of research in our discipline, in a way that enables and encourages the exchange of ideas and collaboration among researchers.

Co-authors: B. Butragueño, J. Raposo and M. Salgado

Congress website: https://congresoredfundamentos.com/

Link to the paper: http://oa.upm.es/48517/

Link to proceedings: https://issuu.com/redfundamentos/docs/issuubuena

Link to lecture: https://congresoredfundamentos.com/ponencias-miercoles-13/

Saturday December 23rd, 2017