1st International Congress of Doctorates in Architecture

Rem at both sides of the mirror

It has been an honor to have the chance to participate in the 1st International Congress of Doctorates in Architecture. The Congress offers an overview of the Doctoral Studies in Spain in the field of architecture and its related disciplines, such as urban planning, technologies, heritage, landscape and sustainability. In view of the extent and depth of the investigations developed, it is proposed the development of a map of a complex territory built by the research programs to highlight the achievements and to support the future challenges in the advanced doctoral research.

Thanks to this Congress we had the opportunity to deepen the motivations, methodologies, structure of the investigation, conclusions, specific contributions of research and future prospective of the same, beyond the strict content of the research.

Congress website: http://www.congresoidasevilla.com/

Link to the paper: https://hdl.handle.net/11441/70074

Monday December 25th, 2017