EGA Magazine nº 23, 2018

In conversation with Emilio Tuñon. Part 1: Drawing to understand. Drawing as a means of analysis and knowledge.

We had the privilege to talk serenely with Emilio Tuñón in his studio. A place with generous spaces, high ceilings, and spatial qualities that stimulate the immersion in creative processes with a great impact of both architectural abstraction and precision. This work space, located in the ground floor of a building designed by the Miguel Fisac, suggests multiple details present in many works of Tuñón and Mansilla.

Sitting on a table in the studio’s meeting room, surrounded by working models of some of its most emblematic projects, we want to focus the interview in the discipline of drawing as a vital experience, and specially, as an architectural experience. The conversation runs through the different aspects of our interviewee’s trajectory: as an architect, professor, researcher…and also as editor of “Circo” magazine. We will try to talk about the drawing as the integrating language of the different creative disciplines.

Co-authors: J. Raposo, M. Salgado and B. Butragueño.



Wednesday April 25th, 2018