Guest Professor at Woodbury University, California

Drawing as a thinking and transformation tool

During the past course, I had the privilege to collaborate with the First Year Studio at Woodbury University, School of Architecture. My role was to support the instructors’ endeavor along the year with specific inputs in the discipline of drawing. The Architectural Graphic Ideation is a field that has been progressively dropped from the core curriculum of the Schools of Architecture along the world. However, from the European perspective, we consider that the architectural drawing is one of the most powerful creative tools for the architect, especially in the early stages of the University Degree, as it encourages the spatial vision, the speculation and critical thinking. My collaboration consisted in the development of a series of workshops for each phase of the Studio program that supported and complemented them. Each time there was an introductory lecture on a topic related to the workshop to focus the goals of the workshop. Simultaneously, I have curated specific readings that substantiated the depiction, trying to increase the students’ architectural background, and encouraging them to continue researching on these topics.

I would like to thank Marc Neveu and Heather Flood for allowing me to start up this innovative experience and, of course, the instructors of the Studio (Nate Imai, Carmelia Chiang, Bailey Shugart and Teddy Slowik) for their support and the overwhelming welcome that they gave me along the year. I also would like to thank the students, as they embraced my proposals undoubtedly, as crazy as they might seem to them. We encouraged collaborative work as a very important part of the experience, and promoted interchange and interaction, in the belief that the fundamental learning experiences, at this stage, come from the other students.

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Friday May 25th, 2018