EGA 2018, XVII International Congress of Architectural Graphic Expression

Information design: communication-design-record

The EGA Congress is always an unmissable event for everyone involved in the research on Graphic Ideation. In this research we discuss the transformative capabilities of drawing as a tool of representation and, specifically, of ideation. With the evolution of the graphic tools and the emergence of digital media, the discipline has experienced an exponential transformation that leads to the development of new methodologies and systems that are inserted from scratch in the creative process and not as a mere communicative tool of the architectural construct. The aim of the text is to inquire about the necessary review of the representative strategies in architecture, in order to verify if these strategies affect the very essence of the architectural object. In the article we analyze the paradigmatic case of Rem Koolhaas. The positioning of the communicative discipline in place, i.e. at the very heart of architectural creation, encourages the exponential opening of the creative field, as well as the possibilities of future growth for both disciplines

Co-authors: B. Butragueño, M. Salgado and J. Raposo.

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Friday June 1st, 2018