EGA 2018, XVII International Congress of Architectural Graphic Expression

Oriented Approaches. Graphic operations of architectural thinking

The EGA Congress is always an unmissable event for everyone involved in the research on Graphic Ideation. The evolution of architectural drawing endowed the discipline with multiple graphic communication strategies that enable the understanding of all the singularities of a certain geographical space.

Launched by the 1st-year ETSAM architecture studio “Drawing Analysis and Ideation 2”, the teaching approach of our Unit tries to guide the students in the discovering of graphic paths that allow them not only to understand the territory, but also the development of graphic artifacts that might be inserted in the landscape.

This article shows some of the graphic approaches that trigger the project. Strategies that go beyond the merely tangible aspects of architecture, exposing the learning operations that have been applied in the classroom in this regard. The importance gained by the processes of ideation and graphic communication in the current context, makes it necessary a deep thought on the approach of graphic teaching in relation to the project.

Co-authors: J. Raposo, M. Salgado and B. Butragueño.

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Saturday June 2nd, 2018