II Cycle “Recent Thesis”. COAM

Architectural Communication as expression and conceptualization in design

Last July, I had the opportunity to participate in the II “Cycle Recent Thesis” organized at COAM by Prof. Alvaro Soto. This cycle aims to put voice to the tremendous effort in research that has been carried out in recent years, in our city, trying to encourage an interesting dialog between doctoral theses with convergence points.
My thesis, “Rem at both sides of the mirror” is part of an investigation on communication in architecture, and its impact in architectural production. The main objective is to discern whether communication and architectural production collide and converge, if the message and the mean acquire the same qualities.
We understand Communication in architecture, not only as the ultimate expression of the architectural fact, but as an agent that is integrated into all stages of the creative process, from the very beginning. To this end, the research focuses on one of the leading exponents in architectural communication, such as Rem Koolhaas. Through his figure, the thesis addresses the evolution of his communicative facet and successive transformations throughout his work.
The thesis was defended on 2015, at ETSAM, UPM, under the direction of Prof. Javier Raposo Grau and it is available in the UPM Digital Archive. Recently, it was granted with the UPM Extraordinary Doctorate Award, 2015-2016.

Digital Archive UPM:  http://oa.upm.es/40148/

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Thursday September 27th, 2018